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Meet yourself as you really are (2023)

I'm particularly interested in how emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) affect our sense of personal embodiment, and I've been experimenting with various methods of creating and then placing my avatar into the digital realm. In this video, I meet my own 3D holographic avatar, which was created using volumetric video footage captured with repurposed Kinect sensor cameras, originally designed to be used with the Xbox. My digital twin inhabits the same space as the physical me via a custom mobile app, transiting the liminal space between both physical and digital plains of existence.

My Virtual Vacation (2023)

New world map with QR green.jpg

I would normally give little to no thought to the personal information being collected by my electronic gadgets and the record of my day-to-day travels kept by Google (and others) is a cause for concern but is also fascinating to me. The information that I'm accumulating will be permanently archived to serve as a more thorough record of my life than any scrapbook or diary could contain—a visual record that is far more comprehensive than any mere collection of holiday snaps.


This ongoing project allows my digital avatar (made using a full-body 3D scanner) to be placed in locations all around the world via an online (WebAR) augmented reality app. So far, my digital twin has visited five continents and I hope that the work will grow as more and more people contribute.


If you would like to be a part of the ongoing artwork, please scan the QR code or click on the link below. Then, once you have placed me into your environment, in a composition you are happy with, take a screenshot and send it to me via the contact me button at the top of the screen. Don’t forget to include your name and your location, and please, feel free to have fun with my scale, and be adventurous with where you place me!


I will be updating the map at regular intervals, so please check back, or follow my Instagram page for news.


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