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Dancing in Augmented Space (2023)

For my M.A. research, I used a Kinect Azure depth sensor to film a dancer from Brighton-based dance group "Project Female", creating a 3D hologram of her motion. Integrated into augmented reality via a Unity app, I tested the avatar in Bognor Regis, altering video tempo and dancer speed for a unique temporal contrast. I particularly like the unsuspecting members of the public who have no idea that they are sharing the space with the dancer.

Meet Yourself As You Really Are (2023)

I'm particularly interested in how emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) affect our sense of personal embodiment, and I've been experimenting with various methods of creating and then placing my own avatar into the digital realm.


In this video, I meet my own 3D holographic likeness, which was created using volumetric video footage captured with repurposed Kinect sensor cameras, originally designed to be used with the Xbox. My digital twin inhabits the same space as the physical me via a custom mobile app, transiting the liminal space between both physical and digital plains of existence.

My Virtual Vacation (2023)

New world map with QR green.jpg

I'm captivated by the digital footprint we leave behind, and this fascination led to an ongoing project where my 3D-scanned digital avatar travels globally through an augmented reality app acting as a comprehensive visual record, surpassing traditional scrapbooks. 

You can participate in the work by placing my avatar in your environment, getting creative with scale and location. Scan the QR code or click the link below, then share your composition via the contact button. Please include your name and location.


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